Dog Breeds & Health

Choosing a purebred is a great way to predict the appearance, personality and temperament of your dog. You can confidently comment on your new dog’s behavior and personality. But in case of mixed breeds (designer breeds), it’s really hard to tell.

And due to poor breeding practices, some breeds are reported to be at increasing risk of developing certain genetic health problems. So when adopting a new puppy, it’s a good idea to know about the genetic illness of the breed and the treatment.

Here we will mainly discuss the popular dog breeds in the world and their common health issues.

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Can Dogs See Colors: Or Are They Completely Color Blind

Can Dogs See Colors

The question 'Can dogs see colors?' is that of great value. There were various theories regarding this with answers varying from yes to no and a maybe.

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Can Dogs Eat Mushrooms: A Delicious & Healthy Low-Calorie Snack

Can Dogs Eat Mushrooms

Imagine that you are having a mushroom salad, and your dear pooch is wagging their tail right next to you, poking the nose in your plate and obviously asking you to share with them. But wait... 'Can dogs eat mushrooms?' is what you are probably wondering.

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Can Dogs Eat Shrimp: A Scrumptious Seafood Treat for Your Dog

Can dogs eat shrimp

I've been posed all sorts of bizarre questions about dog nutrition and health. But when a friend asked me 'Can dogs eat shrimp?' one day I was more than perplexed. Our dogs have a huge appetite, and they can eat anything that falls within their line of sight.

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Can Dogs Eat Eggs: An Incredibly Healthy & Nutritious Dog Treat

Can Dogs Eat Eggs

Feeding your dog apple, banana or even pineapple seems like a somewhat normal thing... but eggs. When a friend posed the question to me, 'Can dogs eat eggs?' I must admit, I was a bit shocked.

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Can Dogs Eat Oranges: A Delicious and Juicy Fruit for Your Dog

Can Dogs Eat Oranges

We already know, apples are great for dogs, but can we say the same for other delicious seasonal fruits, such as oranges. Can dogs eat oranges? Let's find out.

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