Dog Food & Nutrition

A healthy and nutritionally balanced diet is essential and vital for the optimal growth and overall health of your dog. He/she must receive all the necessary nutrients from high-quality commercial dog foods to maintain muscle growth and support their active lifestyle.

But dogs from different breeds and age group have completely different nutritional requirements. Here you will find more information about what you should be feeding your dog at every stage of his/her life.

After all, keeping your dog healthy is the best gift you can ever give him or her.

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Can Dogs Eat Cherries: A Tasty Treat, but Is It Safe for Dogs

Can Dogs Eat Cherries

Humans find Cherries to be healthy, delicious and enjoyable. But what about dogs? Can dogs eat cherries?Are cherries bad for dogs?Do they enjoy cherries as much as we do? If you are concerned about whether your furry friend should eat cherries, then we have got you covered.

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Can Dogs Eat Beans? There Are Beans You Shouldn’t Feed Your Dog

Can Dogs Eat Beans

So I have a question for you... Can dogs eat beans? Did it get you thinking about when is the last time you fed some beans to your dog? I am sure, some people would answer... Never!

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Can Dogs Eat Potatoes? Yes but Raw Potatoes Are Toxic to Dogs

Can Dogs Eat Potatoes

Potatoes are one of the most popular and healthy foods for humans but before giving it to your dog, you might want to know... Can dogs eat potatoes? While these vegetables may seem harmless and full of nutritional value, feeding them to your dog might cause them some health issues.

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Can Dogs Drink Milk? Know if Dairy Products Are Safe for Your Dog

Can Dogs Drink Milk

Can dogs drink milk that isn't from their mothers? Although dogs feed on milk from their mothers while they are young, it might not be the best idea to feed your dog with milk from other sources. Instead of milk, your dog must get his nutrition from a high-quality dog…

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Can Dogs Eat Onions? Hint: Onions Can Kill Your Dog

Can Dogs Eat Onions

Many food items that humans eat are considered unsafe for dogs. Considering this, perhaps you would ask... Can dogs eat onions?Are onions bad for dogs? While most of us know that chocolates can make our furry friends sick, still many don't know that onions can also make them gravely ill…

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