Dog Training & Behavior

Learning your dog’s behavior and training him is a part of being a responsible owner. Training not only provides important mental stimulation to your dog but is also a great way to get to know each other.

Just like humans, there is a meaning behind dog’s common behaviors and to build a better relationship with your dog, you need to work your way to understand the meaning and causes of his behavior. Same way you will need to teach him simple manners and basic rules through training.

Learn how to prevent and treat certain behavioral issues in dogs.

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Effective Tips on How to Make Your House Dog Friendly

House Dog Friendly

Many people desire to own a dog, two perhaps... or even three. Unknown to them, man's best friend may make life in your house unbearable, or at least he may not take to his new-found home. Because we all mind about their happiness and safety, we should always ensure they…

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Why Do Dogs Snore? How to Stop a Dog From Snoring?

Why Do Dogs Snore

Does your dog snore so loudly that you can't sleep in the same room with him? If your answer to this question is in the affirmative then you must feel relieved to know that you are not alone and there are ways to handle this situation.

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Why Do Dogs Lick Their Paws? You Should Be Concerned

Dogs Lick Their Paws

Does your dog have an annoying habit of licking his paws? If your dog does this occasionally and gently then there is nothing to be alarmed about as licking is a very common way for dogs to clean themselves. Animals often lick their body to keep their fur clean and…

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How to Stop a Dog From Peeing in The House at Night: 10 Effective Techniques

Peeing in the house

One of the biggest problems new pet owners face is how to stop their dog from peeing and pooping inside the house, especially at night times when you cannot keep an eye on him. Being a new pet owner, I had and it's a nightmare.

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