How to Choose The Right Dog Breed for Your Family

Dog Breed

We all have heard it said that a dog is man's best friend. Many of us may wonder where the relationship between man and canine began. As it were, this relationship is timeless and even though we cannot exactly pin-point where the affair started, all we know is that these…

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Are You Really Ready to Adopt a Dog? 8 Questions to Ask Yourself

Ready to Adopt a Dog

I thought bringing a cute little puppy into our small family will be the best thing that can happen to us that day. I'd never been so wrong. It was probably the worst day for me and my wife in years. Why?

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How to Stop a Dog From Peeing in The House at Night: 10 Effective Techniques

Peeing in the house

One of the biggest problems new pet owners face is how to stop their dog from peeing and pooping inside the house, especially at night times when you cannot keep an eye on him. Being a new pet owner, I had and it's a nightmare.

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