Why Do Dogs Chase Their Tails: Is It a Sign of Mental Illness?

Why Do Dogs Chase Their Tails

Naturally, you will often see dogs occasionally chase their tails. This is a behavior that begins in puppyhood and emerges again in an adult dog. For puppies, a tail is just a toy that repeatedly triggers their instinct for prey.

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Best Dog Food for Yorkies: Small Stomach, Picky Appetite

Best Dog Food for Yorkies

Looking for a high-quality dog food for your Yorkie? Hop on, because we will be looking into what makes a diet, best dog food for Yorkies. Yorkies are a little picky about what they like in terms of food, that's why they are known to be a relatively high maintenance…

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Should I Neuter My Dog? Pros and Cons of Neutering a Dog

Neutering a Dog

Should I neuter my dog? This is probably one of the most important questions new dog owners should ask themselves because the answer will make a huge impact on their dog's quality of life and overall growth.

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Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much? No. It’s Not Because He’s Lazy

Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much

Does it seem like your fur baby sleeps a lot? Often new dog owners are left with this concern. In fact all dogs, regardless of size or breed tend to sleep most of the time and we got an explanation about that.

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Can Dogs Cry? Why Do Dogs Cry? Myths and Reality of Dog Tears

Can Dogs Cry

Joy, happiness, playfulness, sleepiness, and even hunger are emotions that can be conveyed by humans and dogs alike, what about the other side of those emotions? What about sadness, can dogs feel sadness? Can dogs cry?

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