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Hi there,

My name is Brian, and I am part-owner of PeanutPaws along with my lovely wife, Michele. I am a graphics designer, and I design and develop websites for living, and my wife is a certified nurse with a keen interesting in writing. Together we decided to create this website to share our learning and ‘not-so-great’ experiences with our very first cute little Beagle puppy, Peanut.

Peanut Beagle Puppy

To be frank, we never imagined that having a dog is so much work, and it mostly involves learning from a variety of sources. It’s really very frustrating to find the right information on the internet. Whether it is about finding best natural dog food or best dog shampoo or information on behavioral changes in your puppy, it’s really very hard to reach any credible information quickly.

Most of the times we stumble upon wrong or half-baked information which cost us tons of hard earned cash. It was frustrating and time-consuming too. it also made us wonder why we shouldn’t share our findings and experiences in one place so other first-time pet owners who are struggling with same problems, can easily get access to right information and get benefited from our experience.

Here on PeanutPaws, we plan to share quality information in regards to dog health, nutrition, and training and help you overcome any issues you may be having. Our goal is to collect as much credible and quality information as we can and put together in one place.

We hope that you will use our guides, articles, and recommendations to transform your dog’s behavior, and continue to having a rewarding and fulfilling relationship with your dog.

To stay updated, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Also, you can sign up for our email newsletter.

With lots of love.

Michele, Brian & Peanut.

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