Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers: Are Cucumbers Good for Dogs to Eat Everyday

Vegetables and fruits, in general, provide your dog with healthy, low-calories, vitamins-rammed snack.

However, the question ‘can dogs eat cucumbers?‘ is a legitimate one.

Although most vegetables are beneficial for your pet to have, it is not an all-encompassing rule.

Each veggie or other type of food which is primarily human should be checked separately before being fed to your pooch.

It is easy to just satisfy the constant begging and give him whatever is it that he wants. But as a caring pet-parent you obviously want it to actually benefit your dog or at least not harm him.

Cucumbers contain a great amount of water in them and many other wonderful elements. They are known to be an important and healthy addition to our, human diet.

Are they as beneficial for dogs too? Let’s find out!


Are Cucumbers Good for Dogs to Eat

Can Dogs Have Cucumbers

Cucumbers are not only good for dogs to eat, but they are brilliant.

Many good things will happen to dogs that eat cucumbers.

I am not talking about finding a pot of gold, although food-wise, it is not far from it.

This veggie contains a lot of water, so cucumber for dogs is mainly liquid supply.

Keeping hydrated is extremely important and beneficial, so having a snack that takes care of this aspect is good.

What else is in there which is good?

The main plus of this fruit is that there are no harmful side effects to it. Yes, there is no mistake here.

Technically, cucumbers are fruits, together with beans, avocado and many other things that we used to think of as veggies.

The ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) states that it hasn’t recorded any data whatsoever to say that this food can harm a canine. So, this is great news.

Cucumbers contain a very beneficial element called silica. This ingredient is known for its support of healthy joints.

It strengthens the connecting tissues. They are also bountiful with vitamins, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and folate.

Only think about it, stick-food which carries only goods for your furry friend. No harmful elements whatsoever.

Are Cucumbers Safe for Dogs

Cucumber’s juice provides a certain type of hormone which pancreas uses in its insulin production.

If your pooch suffers from diabetes, this might help him.

If not, it is still always good to help the inner organs do their job by natural means.

This food has been found aiding in regulating blood pressure as well as helpful with metabolism.

It is rich in fiber. The skin is said to contain a good amount of phytochemicals. These help to reduce the bad smell from a dog’s breath.

It just wouldn’t be that without mentioning antioxidants. Cucumbers have plenty of them.

The benefits of antioxidants are acknowledged widely. They help maintain good health by lowering the risks of infections. They even said to help fight certain types of cancer.

Cucumbers have also sterols in them. Sterols aid reducing levels of cholesterol.

This, in turn, will take care of so many other things, like normalizing blood pressure, bettering liver function, heart and kidney’s wellbeing and more.


Why Are Cucumbers Bad for Dogs

Dogs and Cucumbers

Even though cucumbers are certainly not toxic for your pet to have, it is still a good idea to give them in moderation.

When eaten in too large amounts and especially if combined with milk products, cucumber for dogs can easily lead to an upset stomach.

This might result in diarrhea and disturbing gases.

Some dogs might have such a sensitive stomach that it will react negatively even if they eat cucumbers only occasionally.

It is, therefore, advised to give your pooch only a small amount at first, to see how he reacts to it.

Also, if he just had milk or other dairy product, it is best to avoid giving him cucumber right after.

Many people like to eat pickled cucumbers. And while dogs and cucumbers are usually a good mix, with pickles things might be different.

Many canines are repelled by the strong vinegar/salt smell and taste. You won’t get them to try it even if you promise them the world.

In that case, there is no problem. The problem is when they want the pickle.

Dogs eating pickles isn’t the same as dogs eating cucumbers. While the latter is beneficial and even recommended, pickles are a very different story altogether.

Can Dogs Have Cucumbers

They aren’t toxic, no. But they also aren’t very healthy.

Although made with cucumber, they contain other ingredients which can harm your dog.

High level of sodium might bring to dehydration and harm the kidneys. Spices and vinegar might upset the stomach. In the case of sweet pickle, it’s the sugar that might cause problems.

That’s pickled cucumbers, sweet, salty, and sour. But let’s get back to the regular cucumber for a moment.

Even though it is a beneficial and non-toxic food, each dog has its own habits and tolerance.

The first thing to remember when feeding your pup cucumbers is that it will result in intensified metabolism since this fruit is loaded with water and fiber.

If your pet has already got weak stomach, do not feed him a cucumber.

If you do, you will both regret it; be ready to clean a lot. You might even have to take him to the vet.

So, bear in mind, cucumbers might cause diarrhea.


How to Prepare Cucumber for Dogs?

Cucumber for Dogs

Since the answer to the question “Can dogs eat cucumbers?” was positive, we can go deeper into the matter and see what are the best ways to prepare and feed them to our dogs.

We ought to remember that nowadays the vegetables are intensely sprayed with pesticides.

It is, therefore, important that you wash them thoroughly and peel off the skin. If you know for a fact that yours is organic, then go ahead and just wash it.

The skin of a cucumber, as of any other vegetable and fruit bears the most vitamins and minerals.

If your dog is very small, a pup or Yorkie for example, it is still a good idea to peel off the skin. The skin might be too hard for them to digest.

A few slices are a sufficient amount to give to your pooch. With or without skin, 2-3 pieces should do just fine.

Again, it is a good idea to not give it together with or close to milk intake. When dogs eat cucumbers and drink milk at the same time, it might bring undesired results. These two don’t combine so well, and the mixture might seriously upset the dog’s stomach.

You can cut the cucumber into circles or cubes and also mix it with other vegetables. Carrots or tomatoes or even steamed sweet potato will go excellently with it.

Boiled cucumbers are also an available option. Boil them for about 5 min. and off you go, make your pooch happy.

As mentioned previously, pickled cucumbers are best to avoid. If that’s the only thing you have and your pooch is begging for it, it better be not salted. If it is sweet pickle we are talking about, then the least sweet it is, the better.


My Dog Ate Too Many Cucumbers! What Should I Do?

Can Dogs Eat Cucumber

If happened and your dog has eaten too many cucumbers, talk to the vet.

These fruits aren’t toxic; however, too much is not good. Your pooch might experience severe discomfort, perhaps even vomiting with diarrhea.

Such condition is dangerous for its loss of fluids; dehydration might follow. That, in turn, might cause a whole range of reactions.

Your dog may become lethargic and weak. In severe cases, seizures might occur.

It is not the time to be placid, and immediate action is needed. Talk to the vet and if the dog seems really bad, bring him into a hospital or a clinic. Your dog may need a stomach wash or intravenous fluids.

Cucumbers and dog is a good mixture until too much is eaten. Then, it becomes bad.

But this isn’t new, isn’t it? We all know that things need to be balanced.

Cucumber for dogs will bring about gastrointestinal issues. If you have cucumbers growing freely in the garden, and you spotted that your pooch ate a big bunch of them, monitor him closely.

If you know for a fact that he’s eaten a very big amount, talk to the vet right away. If your dog has a sensitive stomach and the same thing happened, talk to the vet.

If your dog is very small and, again, the same thing has occurred, the answer remains the same ? talk to the vet.


Frequently Asked Questions about Dogs and Cucumbers

It looks like we’ve got an idea now regarding dogs eating cucumbers. It is always good, though, to touch the specific points in a subject and sharpen them.


1. Can dogs have cucumbers? Are cucumbers safe for dogs to eat?

Yes, dogs can have cucumbers, and they are in fact very good for them. These fruits are filled with goodness in the form of vitamins, minerals, fiber, water and what not.

This food is considered to be non-toxic for pets. In its organic form, there is nothing in this food that a dog can’t eat. It will add a healthy variation to their diet.


Are Cucumbers Ok for Dogs


2. Can dogs eat cucumber skin? What about cucumber leaves?

Yes, a dog can eat the whole of cucumber. Any ingredient in this food is non-harmful and even very beneficial. Leaves and skin are absolutely ok for your pooch to munch on.

However, with that being said, we mustn’t forget that many fruits and vegetables are being sprayed. For that reason, you might want to avoid feeding your dog the skin of a cucumber.


3. Can dogs eat cucumber seeds?

Any component of a cucumber is safe for your dog to have. Whether it is the skin, the leaves or the seeds, it is all fine.

Cucumber seeds are an integral part of the plant and cannot be easily taken out like the seeds in apples for example. So, it is good news really that cucumber seeds are absolutely fine for your dog.


Dogs and Cucumber


4. Are cucumbers poisonous to dogs? Are cucumbers toxic to dogs?

No, cucumbers aren’t poisonous or toxic to dogs. Some dogs, however, might be allergic to them or have a sensitive stomach. That, together with a cucumber, might bring about a bad reaction.

They might develop symptoms similar to those of a food poisoning or consumption of toxic foods. Also, salty, sour or sweet cucumber pickles can do it. These aren’t recommended for your dog to eat at all.


5. Are dogs allergic to cucumbers?

Every dog is different. Most dogs aren’t allergic to cucumbers. That isn’t to say that yours is the same. It is always a good idea to check sensitivity by feeding only a small amount at first.

That way you can see if he develops symptoms of allergy. Then, still proceed with cautious, especially if your dog is sensitive to some other foods.


Are Cucumbers Good for Dogs


6. How many cucumbers can a dog eat without getting sick?

That is really hard to say for sure since every dog is different. The size and digesting capabilities will determine how many cucumbers are ok for him to eat in one instant. If you give him 2-3 slices from time to time, you can’t go wrong.

Since this food isn’t toxic, there might be a situation where your dog has eaten a few whole cucumbers and still seems fine. But that isn’t the case in general.


7. Can puppies eat cucumbers?

Puppies can certainly eat cucumbers. They will probably really enjoy the freshness and crunchiness of it all. Bear in mind, though, that since their stomachs are smaller, smaller amounts will suffice.

Also, if your pup is drinking milk, it isn’t a good idea to mix the two ingredients. Cucumbers and milk aren’t big friends and might really upset your little one.


Are Cucumbers Bad for Dogs


From what we learned so far, the following conclusion can be made: dogs and cucumbers are a fine mix.

Can dogs eat cucumbers? They certainly can, and it is even recommended.

Cucumbers are a fruit which is low in calories and rich in fluids, vitamins and minerals, fiber and antioxidants.

They help fight arthritis, add to kidneys well-being, aid in maintaining balanced blood pressure and reduce bad breath odor.

Cucumbers for dogs are an excellent addition to a healthy and variable diet. You can give them on their own or combined with other vegetables or fruits.

It’s a good idea to peel off the skin, but if you know for a fact that your dog can handle it, then it’s ok to keep it on.

Another reason for peeling off the skin is because the vegetables are being sprayed. But, if you know yours to be organic, then it’s absolutely fine.

A few slices of cucumber will add to your dog’s health and make him happy. It is a nice and crunchy, feel-good food.

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