Dogs That Don’t Shed: 31 Hypoallergenic Dogs for Allergy Suffers

Shedding is a normal process in dogs. Good news is there are dogs that don’t shed, as well as ‘hypoallergenic dogs‘.

Dog shedding occurs naturally and depends on various aspects. These might be health, breed type, season, or others.

For some people, shedding isn’t a problem. Others, however, will be truly bothered by hair flying around the house.

Some amount shedding, even if it excessive at times, is nothing to worry about. Extreme shedding, though, might mean that there is a problem.

Too much hair loss can be a symptom indicating a deeper issue. The reason for it may be an underlying condition which needs to be taken care off.

Lush coat on a beautiful canine is a luxury which many a time pet allergy sufferers or first-time owners cannot afford.

Lavish coat demands expensive treatment. It can be bothersome and costly. Keeping up with the grooming needs of some much-shedding breeds can be a real pain.


Why Do Dogs Shed?

Hypoallergenic Dogs

Firstly, tautological truth: dogs shed simply because that’s what they do.

Humans lose hair too, up to 100 hairs per day, in fact. It is just that in our canine friends the amount is much higher.

If we were to scratch like they do, perhaps we would shed more too.

All joking aside, dogs shed for many reasons, outer and inner. Outer reasons can be sunlight and temperature. Inner ones can be the dog’s health, hormonal state, nutrition, and cleanliness.

Put simply, dogs with no undercoat or those who have curly hair seem to shed less than their straight-haired and double coated counterparts.

Certain people might find the fact of dogs shedding extremely unpleasant. This is to say the least. For them, it isn’t only about excessive cleaning.

It is more than being fed up with hair drifting about. People suffering from allergies to dogs shedding should consider hypoallergenic dog breeds.

These folks will benefit the most from learning about dogs that shed the least.

In healthy dogs, shedding is a natural cycle that is connected to the outside temperatures. It is designed to adjust the canine to annual changes.

In fact, indoor dogs are found to be shedding differently – more constantly but in less quantity. The home environment offers the stability of temperature and light.

This, in turn, reduces the element of the cycle. The dog, then, doesn’t shed a lot at once but rather a bit all the time.


Popular Dogs that Don’t Shed

It is wonderful to know that there are many breeds that don’t shed as much. Below is a carefully comprised list of hypoallergenic dogs, low shedding dogs, and non shedding dogs.

On this list, you will find the perfect canine for you. One to keep you company with no extra cleaning, sneezing and grooming costs.


1. Shih Tzu

Big Dogs That Don't Shed

With the name meaning little lion, there is nothing lion-like in this breed. This dog is a lover, not a fighter.

This friendly, loving and outgoing housedog doesn’t normally shed, besides when brushed. They are one of the small dogs that don’t shed. Keeping the gorgeous coat of this breed can be demanding, especially when it is long.

Daily brushing might be necessary. It can be such a chore that many owners give it up and hire a professional to clip the lengthy locks.


2. Poodle

Small Dog Breeds That Don't Shed

These dogs, like all good things, come in three sizes: standard, toy, and miniature.

It is the most common breed in the world and not without a reason. Besides being hypoallergenic and very low shedding dogs, it is also nearly odorless.

The smell can be quite an issue with dogs, and poodles simply don’t have this problem. So, it is quite the ‘two rabbits in one shot‘ with these sweeties.


3. Bichon Frise

What Dogs Don't Shed

This pup’s ancestors used to be faithful companions of sailors. The ‘curly lap dog‘ is only happy to be in the water.

Their cheerful nature makes them a great and enthusiastic friend. Bichon Frise’s hypoallergenic fur is usually clipped short allowing for easy maintenance.

The grooming, on one hand, removes loose hair. The curl, on the other, keeps the hair from escaping. All-in-all this is a very low to almost non shedding dog breeds.


4. Chinese Crested Dog

Small Hypoallergenic Dogs

These first appeared in Africa. They were later used by Chinese shipmen to hunt vermin, hence the name. Both types, the hairless and the Powderpuff, are small hypoallergenic dogs and low shedding dog breeds.

The hairless type is obviously more so than the other. The hairless kind requires protection for their skin.

Those with hair need regular grooming. Puffs are considered to be very clean dogs and almost without the smell. Being not extremely energetic, this breed is suitable for an apartment or a city living.


5. Border Terrier

Dogs That Dont Shed

This hardy breed is extremely intelligent and loving. This is even-tempered and obedient kind of dog. They make great family pets and loving companions.

They are fearless yet obedient. Their fur is wiry and requires an easy weekly brushing. They shed little hair and are hypoallergenic.

These dogs have strong hunter instincts, having being bred as fox and vermin hunters. If you have also rodent for a pet, there might be a chance for deadly incompatibility.


6. Affenpinscher

No Shed Dogs

This breed of dogs requires conveniently little grooming. Their hard, terrier-like, dense coat is rarely tangled or matted.

To maintain the typically scruffy look, it is sufficient to brush them merely once a week. This will also keep under control the naturally occurring shedding of the undercoat.

This dog is considered to be hypoallergenic and low shedding. Originally bred as ratters, they are now perfect lady’s companions, and fun and playful lapdogs.


7. Airedale Terrier

Dogs That Shed The Least

This terrier is also known as Waterside Terrier and Bingley Terrier. The dog’s origins are from the valley of River Aire, which lies in the West Riding of Yorkshire County, UK.

These alert, friendly and outgoing dogs are intelligent and confident. They do shed throughout the year, although not massively. They are non shedding dogs and considered to be hypoallergenic breed.

The Airedales are highly energetic and need vigorous exercise. It is a good idea to let them blow off steam, lest they find a way to do it themselves.


8. Basenji

Non Shedding Dogs

This one-of-a-kind dog was bred in Central Africa for the purpose of hunting. It is alert and energetic.

These dogs are unique in that they clean themselves in a cat’s manner. Their grooming demands are purely minimal. They do shed, but only a bit, and are also hypoallergenic dogs. This clever and endearing pooch makes for a brilliant companion to an individual or a family.

They need, however, mental and physical stimulus. Without giving it to them, you might want to say goodbye to your furniture.


9. Bedlington Terrier

Large Dogs That Don't Shed

This dog looks like a little lamb. This breed’s thick double coat comprises a mixture of hard and soft hair.

Usually cheerful and peace-seeking, they can be fierce fighters once challenged. They need plenty of exercising. If not given, they will become mischievous and bored.

Their lamb-like coat sheds little to almost none. They’re low shedding dogs which are suitable for allergy suffers to be around.


10. Bouvier Des Flandres

Non Shedding Dog Breeds

This herding breed originated in Flanders, a region in Belgium. Their name translates as ‘Cow Herder of Flanders‘.

Their past work consisted of cart pulling and cattle droving. Nowadays it’s been transformed into guard and police assistance as well as a wonderfully playful pet.

Their double coat is rough and demands regular grooming. The hair of this dog will mat and needs combing once in two weeks. These are one of the dogs that don’t shed much and are hypoallergenic.


11. Griffon Bruxellois

Dogs That Do Not Shed

This is a toy dog breed. It includes three varieties, different from one another by coat and color. This breed descends from a small, terrier-like dog type named ‘Smousje‘.

This breed has two coats: rough and smooth. The smooth coat sheds by seasons: dead hair falls out in spring and fall.

The rough coat doesn’t shed. The rough coat type needs to visit a groomer once every three months for clipping. These dogs are considered to be hypoallergenic.


12. Cairn Terrier

Dog Breeds That Don't Shed

This small sized dog originated in Scotland, on the Isle of Skye. Their main characteristics – tenacity, intelligence and courage – have made them popular with the local farmers. The dog was helping fight vermin.

This dog is an excellent companion. Sensible and independent, he is a true friend and part of the family.

These scruffy looking canines have a double coat. Under a wiry overcoat, there is a layer of soft undercoat. This coat is easy to groom.

To keep dog shedding under control, once a week brushing will suffice. They’re one of the hypoallergenic dog breeds.


13. Coton De Tulear

Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

This pooch is Maltese’s and Bichon Frise’s relative. When having this dog in your home, you can chuck out your television. Entertainment will be provided.

They are real fun and always ready to have a good time. These dogs are playful and loving, cheerful and cuddly. They will grab as much attention as they can get.

Hypoallergenic, on one hand, they need frequent brushing and combing, on the other. Otherwise, it is clipping to keep the coat healthy and neat. They are another breed of small dogs that don’t shed.


14. Havanese

Dogs That Don't Shed Much

This dog, as the name suggests, is a native of Cuba. He is a Bichon type breed. To say that this dog doesn’t shed completely would be a lie.

All dogs shed to some degree. This one, though, is a very low shedding kind, small hypoallergenic dogs too. He will lose some of his coat during a hair brush.

A bit will rub off onto the furniture and carpets. The amount of hair these dogs lose is actually similar to that of humans.


15. Irish Water Spaniel

Irish Water Spaniel

This beautiful dog has a distinct presence. He is extremely perceptive and senses the mood in his environment. He can be rowdy, bouncy and full of exuberance.

Owners of such dog must provide him with enough mental and physical stimuli: exercises and socialization. He can be aggressive towards other animals.

Grooming-wise, to have their coats mats-free, the owner must do regular brushing. They shed very little and are good for people suffering from allergies.


16. Kerry Blue Terrier

Dogs That Don't Shed

This is considered to be a true non shedding dog breeds. He is hypoallergenic. As terriers go, he is quite large.

He requires consistent and firm discipline. Otherwise, he will be the boss of the house, not you.

He is sturdy and quick on his feet and can take kids’ rough play. Although considered non shedding, still must be groomed to keep the coat neat.


17. Komondor

Hypoallergenic Dogs

Also known as the Hungarian Sheepdog, this canine is a true marvel. It isn’t a hypoallergenic dog.

Looking like a walking mop, this pooch might give you the wrong impression. Don’t judge them by their coat.

If needed, they will protect their family and home just as well as a non-mop-dog. In spite of the heavy appearance, these canines are agile and fast.

Obviously, a dog like this needs devoted grooming. They are non shedding dogs. With that being said, sometimes a whole cord might come off at once.


18. Labradoodle

Small Dogs That Don't Shed

A crossbreed between Labrador Retriever and a Poodle, this pooch was popular as a guide dog in the late ’80s.

Due to it being a hybrid and not a pure breed dog, their characteristics vary from one individual to another. They were developed with the exact purpose of being hypoallergenic guide dogs.

Not all Labradoodles, though, are actually hypoallergenic dogs. They have a low shedding coat.


19. Manchester Terrier

Small Hypoallergenic Dogs

This is a sleek looking, smooth-coated dog. Bred originally as a ratter, he is still chasing vermin.

He is a friendly and non-aggressive companion. The only coat color of this breed is tan. Once a week brushing is enough to keep the coat clean from dead hair and prevent matting.

These pets do shed and aren’t hypoallergenic.


20. Schnauzer

Medium Sized Dogs That Don't Shed

Like the Poodles, these dogs come in three sizes: giant, standard, and miniature. The name comes from the distinctive mustache.

This breed is of loving and protective nature. They make excellent watchdogs.

Their coat is double: wiry on the top and soft on the inside. With the undercoat catching all the loose hair, they barely shed. Good dog to have even for people with asthma or allergies.

They are one of the big dogs that don’t shed.


21. Portuguese Water Dog

What Dogs Don't Shed

This is a breed of working dog which was helping fishermen and shipmen in their various tasks. It is a rare breed.

They are considered to be hypoallergenic. Their non shedding qualities make them popular also among allergy sufferers.

The Obamas (U.S. Presidential family) have chosen one of them also for that same reason. Besides that, they have many other good traits.

Their body structure is nicely substantial and solid, with strong bones and muscles.


22. Puli

Large Dogs That Don't Shed

This is a small-medium version of the Hungarian herding dog. It is famous for its long and corded coat. Basically speaking, this is a smaller Komondor.

This kind of dog is usually black. Sometimes you can see them also in gray, white or off-white.

Although Pulis shed, much of it gets caught in the coat instead of in your furniture. Clipping gets rid of the extra hair. They’re hypoallergenic and non shedding dogs.


23. Scottish Terrier

Non Shedding Dog Breeds

Also known as Scotties, these pups are stubborn and independent characters. They do, however, also like to be praised a lot.

Scotties need their daily walk and not too keen on jogging. They’ll entertain themselves and you by chasing squirrels and digging holes, watch out for these.

This breed takes a great deal of grooming, in spite of what might be commonly believed. Being one of the big dogs that do not shed much, they are also hypoallergenic.


24. Australian Silky Terrier

No Shed Dogs

Australian Silky Terrier is the smaller family member of the terrier clan. This dog is a real toy dog. They are what’s called ‘small dog, big personality‘.

Their confidence perhaps derives from rich hunting ancestry. These dogs barely shed and are considered to be hypoallergenic dog breeds. They are one of the small dogs that don’t shed much.

They make loving companions in spite the feisty first impression.


25. Tibetan Terrier

Dog Shedding

Despite what the name might suggest, these dogs aren’t members of the terrier group. This medium size dog comes from Tibet.

Travelers from Europe have given it its name due to resemblance to a certain terrier type. In the local dialect, this dog is called Tsang Apso, meaning ‘the bearded one from the province of Tsang‘.

Their shaggy coat grows long. They cast off hair in a rate pretty similar to that of humans. They’re hypoallergenic.


26. Welsh Terrier

Dogs That Dont Shed

This dog is what can be called a true terrier. Independent and intelligent, bred to hunt alone, he is determined and lively. There is a lot of dog in this medium-size package.

This canine makes for an excellent jogging companion, having a lot of energy to burn. The breed is hypoallergenic and low to non shedding.


27. West Highland White Terrier

Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

Mainly known as Westie, this Scottish breed features a distinctive white coat. It was originally bred to hunt foxes and vermin.

Unbeatably cute façade, sweetness overload, and mischief are all there. It is a well-muscled small pooch who loves to chase toys and fits well into a family with children.

It is a low shedding and hypoallergenic dogs. This dog requires minimum grooming.


28. Yorkshire Terrier

Non Shedding Dogs

This dog is so much more than its size. They are wonderful watching dogs. They’re alert and quick, with heightened sense of protection, letting you know at an instant if someone is approaching your home.

These are very lively and loyal companions as well as adorable and cuddly when curled in your laps. These pooches shed rarely and are small hypoallergenic dogs.

Yorkies are clean dogs, and are relatively easy to train.


29. Italian Greyhound

Big Dogs That Don't Shed

This beautiful and gentle canine is athletic and playful. This pup loves his sunny spot and the soft pillow, knowing how to truly chill.

Check well before sitting down, your greyhound may be hiding under that pile of blankets. He knows not only how to relax, though. Bouncing and running, he will explore the back yard to the last bit.

They are fantastic jumpers, a thing to remember when going outdoors. They are low shedding dogs, easy to take care of and hypoallergenic too.


30. Xoloitzcuintli (Mexican Hairless Dog)

Dogs That Shed The Least

Pronounced ‘show-low-eetz-kweent-lee‘, the dog is sometimes called Mexican Hairless or simply Show-Low. This unique looking canine bonds strongly to his owners.

He loves being physically close to them. His bare skin is sun-sensitive. To protect it, apply dog sunscreen and don’t keep him in the sun for too long. Xolos are obviously non shedding dogs.


31. Löwchen

What Dogs Don't Shed

In German, this name means ‘Little Lion‘. It is an extremely rare dog, same as the Havanese and the Portuguese Water Dog.

Their coats are flowing, long and multi-colored. It is a rather quiet breed which doesn’t bark a lot.

They make great pets and get along nicely with children. Their coat doesn’t shed much hair, and they’re hypoallergenic.


How Can I Reduce Dog Shedding?

Dogs That Do Not Shed

As much as we love our furry friends, their shedding can be frustrating.

Constant brushing, vacuuming, and dusting can be a chore.

So, you got yourself a low shedding or a non shedding pooch, but lo behold, these still do shed.

A bit, almost none, but they do. All dogs do but the hairless ones. And if you have fallen head over hills in love with a shedding canine, you have to really find your way around this problem.

What are solutions then?

Firstly, if you are still in doubt which dog to get, and you are prone to allergies, get a low or a non shedding dog. Make sure that it is hypoallergenic.

Secondly, there are a few ways which can help you reduce the amount of dog hair whisking about in your dwelling.

You can’t shave the dog, since that might disrupt the natural body cooling system. So, while shedding itself can’t really be controlled, there are ways to reduce its effect on you.

One of them is regular brushing. Make it into a habit to regularly brush your hairy friend. Thus, the hair will be collected onto the brush instead of in the creases of your settee.

In addition to that, vacuum regularly. Using High-Efficiency-Particulate-Arresting (HEPA) filter will bring an allergy relief.

These filters are designed to trap the elements causing allergies. Make sure to air the house often and the dog’s bed in particular.

Finally, you should feed a high-quality dog food to your pup. If a dog isn’t receiving the proper nutrition he needs, his skin and coat will suffer.

Watch the following video for some tips & tricks to stop dog shedding.


Frequently Asked Questions About Low Shedding Dogs

I know there is a lot of confusion around non shedding dogs and hypoallergenic dogs. So in this section, let’s address some of the most common questions that dog owners ask about non shedding dog breeds as well as hypoallergenic dog breeds.


1. Are there any dogs that are hypoallergenic?

No, there’s no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog breed.

Many people believe that the pet allergies are caused by the dog’s fur, but the major allergen in dogs is a protein found in dog serum, and dogs excrete that allergen in sweat, saliva, a little bit in the urine and also shed it from their skin.

Since all dogs have that protein, no dog is completely allergy-free. Although, some individual dogs may cause fewer allergy symptoms than others and these “low-allergen” dogs are considered as the hypoallergenic dog breeds.


2. If a dog is non shedding, shouldn’t it also be hypoallergenic?

Not necessarily. The allergen on the dog is the dander, not the fur. So even if a dog is low shedding may still release dander into the air which is what actually triggers an allergic reaction.


Hypoallergenic Dogs


3. My dog is non shedding but I still sometimes find its hair around my house.

First, you must understand that dogs that don’t shed at all simply do not exist.. No dog is totally non shedding, except if your dog is hairless.

Even humans, who don’t suffer from hair loss, will find their hair all around the house, whether it’s after brushing or showering. The less-shedding dog is no different as it will be going to drop hairs from time to time.

The main difference between a “non shedding” dog and a shedding dog is that a shedding dog actually needs to change its coat in a certain time interval, so it lets go of old fur and replenishes it, whereas a “non shedding” dog’s fur keeps growing and growing until it’s cut.


4. Could a dog allergy fade?

Allergies to household pets are not a permanent condition; they can either diminish or increase over time. Although there are certain allergies that are permanent, such as dust or pollen.

But many allergies in dogs may shift over time, as these are mostly dependent on surrounding environment as well as the dog food.


Dogs That Don't Shed


There are many types of dogs out there, and your potentially best friend is just waiting to meet you.

That’s of course if you still haven’t got one. When picking a furry companion, it is important to check compatibility.

If you or your family members are prone to allergies or simply can’t stand tons of hair drifting about, think twice before adoption a dog.

There is a big choice of dogs that don’t shed as well as hypoallergenic dogs. Among them, there are those who shed the least. Take one of them.

The better you do to choose, the better your life together will be.

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